Breastfeeding Cookies

Breastfeeding Cookies
Breastfeeding Cookies

Love this photo of our Breastfeeding Cookies from Kristelle who says, baking up a storm in the kitchen today, yummy breastfeeding cookies mix from Breastmates.  Love that I don’t have to go and find the ingredients

Our unique recipe for these Breastfeeding Cookies has a combination of ingredients that are believed to boost milk supply and they’ve been munched on (and loved) by mums for over 10 years!!

They are a semi-sweet oaty cookie that tastes great (the whole family can eat them).  But the ingredients have added benefits for women that are lactating.  (I hate that phrase!).

You can also add extra flavours to your Breastfeeding Cookie mix depending what is in your pantry – eg chocolate chips, cranberries, apricots, almonds, sultanas.

Just eat 2-3 breastfeeding cookies per day and you will see or feel, an improvement in your milk supply the following day.  For example, your breasts might feel fuller, or you’ll be able to pump more breast milk.

Give them a try – or bake them for a friend

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