World of Wearable Art #2

In addition to running the Breastmates website, I like to dabble in a bit of art’n’craft.

For the second year in a row, I’ve designed a garment that has made it to the finals of the Brancott Estate World of Wearable art, which was in the show from 25th August to 10 September 2011. (So proud!!)

Last year I made a nursing bra using baby formula scoops – you can see it here:  mamaDonna Nursing Bra

This year  I wanted to make something that lots of women could relate to, and was inspired by the pressure and self analysis that everyone places on themselves.  How people view body parts as flawed.  I always think I have a big bottom…..

Title: Self Analysis Version 2.0

Inspiration: “Her subconscious projects her insecurity about her body shape.  What she sees in the mirror isn’t real.  Her mind exaggerates the parts she doesn’t like.”

The Version 2.0 is her exaggerated image.  Version 1.0 is the real women.

It’s also a little bit quirky and fun, with a flash of knickers underneath.

Materials: The body shape was made from paper mache, hundreds and hundreds of layers – in particular it was  junk mail  solely from the supermarket, food which correlates directly  to the size of  her  bottom (both with the costume and real life). The body is covered with scales made from a BBQ apron, which represent how many times she has stood on the scales and weighed herself.