Breast Feeding Twins

Congratulations on your twins! And good on you for doing some research into breastfeeding twins and tandem feeding.

Although I have never breastfed twins myself, I have found some information that may be relevant for you.

Breast feed your babies together at the same time – this may be difficult to position them initially but it will save you so much time.

This will work well while the babies are newborn while they have the same sleeping and feeding patterns, but as they get older you may find that you need to feed them individually. Just depending on each of their hunger patterns.

There are a couple of different ways that you can hold the babies in order to breast feed them at the same time.

One way is to place the babies in front of you and overlap their legs. This makes like an X across your lap.

The other way is to place both babies in the “football” hold. Place the babies on the pillows with their legs going toward the back of the chair and their heads in your lap. Try to keep their bodies turned toward you with their chests against your chest.

It will be a lot easier for you to hold and support two babies weight while you are breastfeeding if you use a Breastfeeding Pillow.

Some lactation consultants suggest that you feed one baby one breast, and the other baby the other breast for the whole day. Then the next day you swap them over. This evens out their particular needs. You may like to look at a Nursing Reminder wristband which can be used to record the time that you feed the baby, and this will be a handy wristband reminder for you so you know which side each baby is feeding from for the day. And also to make sure that both baby’s get fed at each feeding time.

After you have got breastfeeding established, try to learn different positions for breastfeeding. Learning to breastfeed while lying down may be a little tricky to for the first few weeks, but is worth it for the added rest you will get.

Please just be prior warned that many mothers of twins receive criticism from others that do not share their enthusiasm for breastfeeding. They may pressure you to use formula or other foods before they are needed.

Believe in your ability to produce enough milk for your babies. As long as you are offering them breast milk then your breast’s will be producing enough milk to satisfy them. Breasts work based on Supply and Demand!

Make sure you are eating well and drinking lots of water. See our tips onBoosting Breast Milk supply and try some of the Tigers Milk and Lactation Boosting Cookies.   You will need about 500 calories above your pre-pregnancy needs for each baby. Plus do n’t forget calcium supplements.

And finally – “no” you will not need to be sitting around topless to feed your babies. You will soon learn the art of lifting up your top to feed your babies. Though we do have specially designed breastfeeding tops (many which have a double opening method), nursing covers, and Clip-on Cami to keep your tummy covered….

PLEASE let us know how it goes for you, we want to add a section of twin mum breastfeeding experiences!!