Pregnant and Breastfeeding Older Baby

A lady asked this question on our Facebook page the other day…

” Im 8 weeks preggers and I am still feeding my 28 month old, if I feed her right up to the birth of baby no# 2 will I still get the big influx of milk you get in the beginning? I have been told I should just wean , but she doesnt seem to want to give it up.”

A La Leche League leader would be able to answer this question best

One mother replied to the Facebook thread and said “I think based on hormones your body will still provide what your newborn will need and dont see why you would need to wean if you dont want to.”

Another mother said “You can feed right through, no problems at all. Alot of little ones self wean whilst you are pregnant as the taste of your milk will change to be suited for a new born . Others are happy to continue feeding and there is absolutely no reason for you to wean until both/all of you are ready to do so :-)”

I know of quite a few mothers that have a newborn baby that they are breastfeeding, while also nursing their toddler.