Breastpump for Twins

Recommended Breast pump for Twins:

If you are planning to use a breast pump to express milk for all of the feeds, like if you are having twins, then the best pump I would recommend is theMedela Freestyle. The second best would be the Medela Swing Maxi.

Both of these pumps are suitable for the large amount of expressing that you need to do, such as 3-4 times per day.  Double pumping will save you precious time, yet also has the benefit of producing more milk through tandem feeding.

The Freestyle and Swing Maxi breast pump models both have similar suction and power levels. They are both very quiet and comfortable to use. The main difference between these is that the Freestyle pump has a higher grade motor and a few more gadget features such as a timer and a light.

The Swing breast pump is also very good to use, but is more suitable if you are only using it once per day. prefer.