Breast Pumping Kit – Recommendations


If you a busy pumping mum, you might be looking for ways to make life a little bit easier, or perhaps researching what you’ll need to get for your pumping station once baby arrives or if you are returning to work.  It’s a lot of work and commitment to pump liquid gold for your baby, and we applaud you for that!   Some of our recommended items for your Breast Pumping Kit

A positive & open mind cos pumping is flippin hard!

Hands Free Pumping Bra

Cooler Bag with gel ice packs to store your milk – to make sure the temperature in the little chilly bin stayed cold. The gel ones are nice as you can shape them around your bottles   (we also sell the gel ice pads individually here if you need extra)

A teat – most breast pumps on the market don’t come with a teat in the boxed set, and you’re gonna need a teat so that you can finally feed your baby the precious milk you made.

Breast milk storage bags – we recommend you lay these flat in the freezer so that they freeze in a thin layer which is easy to defrost and warm under the hot tap

Bottle brush and cleaning

Breast shield flanges – Read our Breast Shield Sizing Guide to check that you are using the correct size flange for comfort and better pumping.

Breast pump parts – we have the full range of breast pump parts on our website, its important that the valves and membranes are in good condition as these control the whole performance of your pump.   (Particularly if you have a secondhand pump you should replace the parts so that you know the pump is working at it’s best).  We stock spare parts for Avent, Unimom and Medela brands and can help you find the correct piece for your pump model.

Add a water bottle to your pumping station, and make it a habit to drink the bottle each time you pump.

Extra Breast pads

Food Safe Bags – the big zip lock food safe bags are the best way to store pump parts in in between sessions.   You don’t need to wash the parts each time – just store all the milky pumping gear in a ziplock bag in the fridge, and then wash and sterilize once per day.   This is a really good time saver.

Another great recommendation is a Clip-on-Cami for tummy coverage whilst pumping, or a Nursing Cover if you are pumping in a more public place and want some privacy.

USB plug in cord for charging the pump in the car, or an extension cord if you aren’t sure how close you can be to a plug in if needed

GOOD LUCK you’re going to do great!!