Dont convert Swing Pump into Double

Today’s random question we received was:

I have one of the medela swing breastpumps and am trying to find the tubing for it so i can use it as a double pump i have all the other parts just need a set of tubing that runs through a Y connecter so you have two tubes come of the single plug in point. Can i do this with this pump and do you have the tubing or know where i can get hold onf a set.

To answer: I’m sorry to tell you, but the Swing pump can’t be used as a double.   If you somehow added a double tubing configuration, then the suction of the existing pump would totally diminish and it will shorten the life of your pump and void your warranty.  The pump is not designed to do double pumping and the motor does not have enough capacity to provide this. I strongly advise that you don’t do this.

Medela have introduced a specially designed “Swing Maxi” double pump.  The motor on this pump is much more powerful compared to the single model, and this particular pump can cope with double or single pumping.