I Need A Smaller Breastshield

A customer wrote to us recently:

“I have a Madela Swing breast pump. It works really well to express milk when my boobs are bursting full (during the night/early in the morning) but for the rest of the day (from 9am onwards) it does not take much milk from my softer breasts, even though they drip when baby pulls off. I am wondering if I need Medela PersonalFit Breastshield in the small size (21mm)?

My nipple and part of my aereola are pulled into the opening, is it just the nipple that should be pulled into the opening? That is what makes me think the smaller size might be better as well.”

Yes that’s correct, only the nipple should be pulled into the tunnel part, not the aereola.  It’s probably working better when your boobs are full as its getting a better suction seal with the breastshield, and working correctly with your nipple.  So yes I think a smaller size breast shield would suit you, this has a smaller size opening for the tunnel part and so won’t affect your aereola.  The Swing comes with a 24mm size, the next smaller size that we have available is a 21mm. And you could always switch between the two breastshields depending on your fullness.

The Personal Fit Breast Shield  is a little different to the breastshield that came with your original Swing Breast Pump, in that its not the flexible plastic. It’s a firmer plastic. Unfortunately they don’t make a 21mm size in the soft plastic. But it will still work better for you.