Pump in Style Parts

“A friend has lent me her Medela Pump in style advanced pump but I need the bits to go with it! Could you tell me what I need to order as really a bit clueless! It would be everything from boob to where plug into pump. “

Your lucky that you have the pump to borrow – its a great pump.  Unfortunately (for everyone else) effective March 2011 the Medela Distributor for NZ is no longer selling that pump, such a shame because it is so good.

The good news is that the spare parts are all available, and I have summarized them below.  Please let me know if you need more info or if there is anything I can help with.

So you’ll be needing:

medela_personalfit_breastsh_186x248Personal Fit Breast Shield

Personal Fit Connector

(You’ll need to order 2)381_valve_150x200

Valves and Membranes (They come with 6 white discs and 2 yellow in the packet, so you’ll only need 1 packet)medela_tube_150x200Tubing (Select Pump in Style option) (You’ll need to order 2)

medela2501_150x200Bottles (these come with 2 bottles in a box)

377_caps_200x150Spare bottle caps, including a tall one to go over the teat.

633_yellow_stand_200x150Bottle stand (so bottle of milk doesn’t topple over when in use)

The Pump in Style that you are borrowing would have originally come with a little manual piston and cylinder, so that the pump can be used as a basic manual pump aswell.    I don’t have this pictured on my website but can source it if required.

Just contact us to let us know what you need, or put an order through the website using the thumbnails above.