Wearable Breast Pump Parts

Do you have a wearable breast pump and now wondering how to find spare parts for it?   Yes, at Breastmates we have spare parts for these pumps – must match the image below, or be a model that you have purchased from Breastmates.  There are a few Wearable Breast Pumps on the market, this is the model below that we stock, and which we have parts for.

If you have been using a breast pump, and have found that after time the suction has decreased, or the pump isn’t performing as well, the most common cause of this issue is that the little valve has stretched through wear’n’tear or washing etc, and so the pump isn’t drawing as much suction.    And you might not be expressing as much milk as you did before.  This is a simple fix – its usually just the little valve that needs replacement, or the diaphragm.   These are the easiest things to check and replace.    Change the valve and you’ll be all set.

Another common occurrence is that a customer’s puppy might chew their parts, they get lost, or they get melted while sterilizing in a saucepan.   Whatever the reason – we try to keep these spare parts available in stock at all times, so that we can ship to you quickly and you don’t lose time waiting for a part when you need to keep pumping for baby.   Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the diagram of parts and our list which will take you to the individual store pages so you can shop for each item.

We also stock breast pump parts for other brands such as Medela, Unimom and Avent.   If you are unsure what model/brand/parts you need – please contact us before ordering.

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Wearable Breast Pump Parts