Expressing Help

Your stress-free guide to pumping breast milk. When you first get started expressing breast milk, it is hard to know if you’re using the breast pump properly, how much milk to expect your breasts to produce, and how to get into a rhythm with pumping.

Here’s info on how to use a breast pump, how often you should pump milk, what to do if you’re not getting enough milk, and help for working mums expressing breast milk at work.

Some Tips on Expressing Breastmilk

Some tips on getting started with a breastpump and helping you succeed with expressing milk.

When to Express Milk (when away from baby)

"We commonly get asked questions about breast pumps - so if you are not sure

Upgrading from Single to Double Pump

Benefits of upgrading from a single to a double breast pump. Medela Freestyle breast

When is Best Time to Express

Attention mums that pump liquid gold - how did you build up your stash, and

Checklist of items Needed for Expressing at Work

Will you be heading back to work after baby is born, and expressing milk while

Returning to Work and Expressing

How to return to work and continue feeding baby, expressing and formula feeding. A

Video: Breast Pump Noises

We have made some videos of Breast Pumps so that you can listen to the

Not Getting Much Milk

Breast pumps and Expressing: Mother is not getting much milk when using her breast pump,

Breastfeeding and the Working Mum

Breastfeeding at Work. Here are some ways to make breastfeeding and working possible.