Some Tips on Expressing Breastmilk

logo_avent_149x112It’s very common for women to only express a small amount of breastmilk, and it can take a few weeks to build up the volume of milk that you get using a breastpump.

Here are a few tips to help you:

Using a breast pump takes practice – you may need to make several
attempts before you succeed

Choose a time when you’re not rushed and won’t be interrupted.

Having your baby or a photograph of your baby nearby can help
encourage ‘let-down’.

Placing a warm cloth on the breasts for a few minutes before you start
pumping can encourage milk flow and soothe painful breasts.  Warmth and relaxation can encourage milk flow. Try expressing after
a bath or shower.

Try expressing from one breast while your baby is feeding from the other,
or continue expressing just after a feed.

Repositioning the pump on the breast from time to time can help
stimulate your milk ducts.

Practice with your pump to find the best technique for you. However, if the
process becomes very painful, stop and try later