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What dads really want to know about pregnancy, maternity lingerie, and sex! Becoming a dad is life-changing, but it starts even before your baby arrives.

What’s going on with maternity bras, and why doesn’t my wife want me to touch her boobs any more?

What do dads need to know about breastfeeding and how to support their partners?

And how can I bond with my baby when she’s the one doing the majority of the care?

Here’s advice for dads, from dads who are in the know.

What NOT to do in the delivery room

Dads-to-be, trust us: There are some things you do NOT want to be caught doing

10 things new parents really want

Before you visit new parents or a breastfeeding mum, take a few minutes to read

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Greatest Dad Award

FREE FREE FREE something special for the man in your life.... Print off one of

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Inside story on how a newbaby in your house may change your sex life.

Dads View on Breastfeeding

With a new baby in the house you need to Dad Up


Fathers share their stories about welcoming newborn baby, and life with a newborn baby.

Becoming a Dad

Becoming a Dad is the most wonderful event. A fathers comments about breastfeeding