Man’s HOTmilk Buying Guide

HOTmilk Guide for Buying Lingerie. Written by a guy.

Nice One! So you’ve successfully mastered the art of procreation!

Now, being a modern man you want to spoil the special lady of your life cause she deserves it. After all she is carrying your progeny right? There’s plenty of good reasons to spoil your special lady – birthday, valentines, anniversary, Christmas, Pregnancy Gift, or you’re just trying to dig your way out of the dog box. But hey, to be fair you don’t need a reason, cause you’re a man, and a man’s purpose is to buy women stuff.

So you’re up for the challenge but just not sure how to go about it. Well, you got the first bit right all on your lonesome. You found HOTmilk! This is your place for finding sexy lingerie gifts for your girl!

What’s so special about HOTmilk?

When a woman’s body gets hijacked by a baby it changes. Things swell. Sometimes most things and quite often for the better. But existing clothes and lingerie just don’t quite cut the mustard any more and, more than ever, comfort and a good fit become crucial for her. Then there’s things like how she doesn’t want bras with wires in them because they can inhibit milk production, stitching or seams across the nipples are to be avoided cause that can irritate the more increasingly sensitive bits and then she’ll need quick release clips at the front for easy access… for breastfeeding.

Now with that kind of knowledge under your belt you’re a blimin’ champ already. Even some women still don’t know all that stuff. Now with HOTmilk Lingerie you have all these important highly technical bases covered plus it all comes in a package that really ain’t too hard on the eye either. The range by HOTmilk is sexy bras and panties for sure!

Nice one HOTmilk!

Sizing Her Up…

To be fair, the biggest challenge buying your girl HOTmilk is getting the size right. Too small and she’ll think she’s fat. Too big and she’ll think that you think she’s fat… and you’re in the dog box.

Best place to start is to sneak a peek in her knicker drawer… like you haven’t before. Now the secret here, other than not getting caught, by pretty much anyone, is to pick a bra that she is wearing currently and that fits her well and that she’s not already bursting out of. This may require you to pay more attention, conducting even more painstaking research, like checking her out next time she’s wandering about the house in her smalls… like you haven’t before.

You could also check the laundry basket, or her bra’s and knickers that are hanging on the line.

Check out the size tags. With bra sizes the number is her rib-cage circumference or ‘under-bust’ and the letter represents her breast or ‘cup’ size. Now bear in mind that when a woman gets in the motherly way she usually will go up one cup size from what she normally is.

Panties may have labels marked as 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 which correspond to S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Now make note of the sizes and order the lingerie online at Breastmates. If the size is not right, exchanges are permitted (except for items that are on sale).

What A Girl Wants

Rumor has it chicks and blokes appreciate fancy knickers for different reasons. Apparently women like how it makes them feel good about themselves. Men like… well yeah you know exactly what you like and the motives are slightly different aye. So when choosing a style use your other brain and consider what colours and styles she likes. Eg: Maybe don’t buy her a colour she never wears and if she doesn’t wear thongs/gstrings currently then maybe get her the bikini panties or some of the sexy french knickers instead.

If she has already done her HOTmilk shopping for maternity lingerie (three sets is a good starting point to get her through) then you’ve also gotHOTmilk nightiesmaternity camisoles and PJ’s to spoil her with.

Check out HOTmilk’s collection  on the Breastmates website to get an idea of all the options on offer.  We are women too, so we can help you to find the perfect gift for your partner.