How will a New Baby Change your Sex Life

A newborn baby coming into your life will turn your world upside down. Aside from the crying and pooie nappies, you need to also consider the emotional toll and the change that will occur between you and your partner.

Men often feel like they are pushed out of the relationship, which is often simply because :

  • labour wasn’t that long ago…. allow some time for healing
  • both parents are so tired!
  • baby is so much more reliant on mum (particularly if breastfed)
  • boobs are ‘whipped out’ for feeding, and are there for a purpose rather than pleasure
  • sex is often the last thing on the mothers mind, she just wants to go to bed and get a decent sleep. The sooner she can fall asleep the better…!

The husband of a Breastmates customer recently told us how he had joined a Men’s Group and was shocked with the amount of guys who didn’t think that a baby would change their life. He says these other guys were complaining about the lack of sex and sleepless nights, and how one guy said that he hates his wife breast feeding in front of him because it GROSSES him out. And that this guy ‘likes his wife TITS (thats right he used the word tits) and he didn’t want them getting all stretched and saggy because of breast feeding.’ Seems this guy might have forgotten the other purpose of breasts in the human anatomy.

Breastfeeding is totally sexy, but in a non-sexy way. Its just a different aspect.

With a new baby in the house, it is really important to share time with you and your partner, so that you don’t get out of phase.

Slowly start to add a little romance back into your lives, (you may need to plan things out a bit more nowadays) and then the sex will follow.