How To Burp My Baby?

How To Burp My Baby?

A few tried and tested techniques for when you need to burp your baby

Burping baby is important to get the air out of baby’s tummy after feeding, otherwise baby will be unsettled with a sore tummy, and not be able to fall asleep.  There are so many baby burping techniques, your midwife can help by teaching you a few techniques too.

We’ve heard of mums on their first night home with baby – being up in the middle of the night trying to figure out baby burping techniques, and what to do.  So note for preggie mums – watch how the nurse does it on baby while you are still in the hospital.

Here’s a few of our tried and tested baby burping techniques that might work for you:

Baby Burping Technique: Sitting.  Sit baby on your knee and support the weight of his head between your thumb and index finger.  The rest of your hand will cradle baby’s torso.  Using your other hand, rub his back gently up and down.  (Dads seem to have great success using this technique as their large hands cover more area across baby’s torso.)

Baby Burping Technique: Over Shoulder.  Put baby over your shoulder and pat baby with a gentle force on the bottom of his back (just above the nappy line.)  Some Mums find that rocking or bouncing gently with this burping technique can also help.  To get baby on your shoulder try holding him under his arms and put him on your shoulder so his arms are slung in front of him and his head is turned to one side.

Baby Burping Technique: Under Arms.   A good burping technique that might work for you is holding baby under his arms and very gently leaning him from side to side and repeat 10 or more times. This will help to get his wind bubble around and up  You can also gently lean him backwards and slowly back up too.  If your baby doesn’t have a very strong neck then leave this technique until he is a bit stronger.

You may also hear professionals tell you that “winding your baby is overrated” and the need to burp baby every time you feed them is not absolutely necessary.  Yes we know this is true for some babies – just always look for cues from your baby. Baby will let you know if he is upset or wants to be picked up for a burp.

If your baby has lots of wind another tip is to try propping a phone book (or similar) under the legs of  babies bassinet so when he lies down his head is slightly above his tummy.  DO NOT put anything under babies mattress – this could be dangerous.

Rule of thumb is keep baby’s tummy straight and upright so the air can rise to the top.

And remember that the whole burping your baby thing may seem like a bit of a drag, but think of those moments when he is snuggling on your shoulder as cuddles (with screaming or not), because one day he will be all grown up, too grown up for long snuggly cuddles on your shoulder!

Good luck!