Is this cradle cap?

Cradle Cap, what is it and how do I treat it?

Cradle cap is a really common skin condition often found on the scalp of babies. It appears in the first few months as dry flaky dandruff looking or yellow, patchy, greasy scales on the head. It can also show up behind the ears, under the armpits or the diaper area.

Cradle Cap
Cradle Cap

It won’t cause your baby any pain and its not contagious, however if your baby has a severe case of cradle cap it could feel itchy.

Here’s how you can treat your baby’s cradle cap:

  • Use a soft bristle baby hair brush to gently loosen the dry flakes. Don’t be tempted to pick at the flakes as you may cause an infection under the skin.
  • Wash your baby’s head daily using a wet flannel to gently massage the skin on the scalp and loosen the dead skin.
  • Do not use shampoos or soaps if the skin looks red underneath the Cradle Cap. If the shampoo is not washed away completely, it can dry underneath the Cradle Cap and may irritate or infect the sore skin.
  • Use a natural oil such as olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil to soften the flaky skin before bath time. Leave the oil on for about 15 minutes before you bath baby, then wash the oil out with a small amount of shampoo and a cloth.
  • Some Mums have had success by using a natural over the counter Cradle Cap treatment. See your local health store or pharmacy for advice.
  • If you are concerned about a possible infection under the Cradle Cap or if it looks sore and red then seek advice from your baby’s doctor.

Cradle cap is not cute but it is very common in babies from new born to 12 months old. You can help the process by implementing these simple steps or if you’re not bothered by it, it will slowly disappear on its own.