Capturing your Belly

Picture Perfect Bump

Your pregnancy is a very special time in your life and it is becoming increasingly common to preserve and celebrate the stage in various ways. Plaster casts, photographs and journals all capture the magical moments (and not so great times!) of being pregnant.

Here are some ideas to treasure that bump:
cast it in plaster!! You can hang on the wall, turn into a clock, paint or leave plain – very cool! You’ll need to have someone help you, be able to sit still for an hour and do it before labour so ideally before 37 weeks!!


keep a journal – you don’t have to write it in everyday, but it may be handy to note any cravings, weird feelings, your weight, midwife meetings and excited/nervous/scared feelings you have. Add photos of your belly and family and finish it off with a photo of your newborn baby!  Or create a photobook!

Shadow Drawing. Cast the light from a lamp onto your belly and stand sideways against a wall. Have a friend draw around your shadow and frame the picture or add it your pregnancy journal!

Taking Fabulous Pics of Baby Bumps:

  • Cover your bed in a plain sheet or fluffy blanket and take some photos while laying on the bed, with no clothes on, just with careful placement of your legs and arms.
  • Try having one taken with your man too, in black and white. Try to avoid too much light and use a lamp to cast glows on your curves, this creates a flattering photo.
  • Have a bubble bath and use the bubbles to cover your naked areas, leaving just your belly for the photo!
  • Stand full-frontal to the camera and place your hands in the shape of a heart on your belly!

babymaternity_brstmts_ (6)

  • Stand side on and take monthly pictures for your journal.
  • Sit down with your legs crossed and cradle your belly in your hands.
  • Use a flower to lay across your belly.
  • Take a photo with your toddler kissing your bump.
  • Have your man stand behind you and place his hands on your tummy. Capture just the tummy area for the photo.
  • Float in a pool and take the photo of what is poking above water!
  • Stand on the beach in just a floaty sheet or sarong.
  • Paint your belly and take photos!
  • Try different camera settings with digital (sepia, black and white, fast and slow shutter etc) and different film with a film camera.
  • Play around and try to feel radiant with your bump – after all, it wont be there long!!
  • Invest in a professional if you can afford it. Be sure to take clippings of other photos so your photographer can have an idea of what you want.