Calculate Your Due Date

How to Work out Your Due Date

Yay!! Welcome to the baby club, and congratulations on the positive test result.  Now you are probably wondering when the baby is due?  9 months time huh…  Well they say that pregnancy is 40 weeks, and I remember counting down exactly and hanging out for the 40th week to arrive.  But the actual gestation period is regarded as anything between 38 to 42 weeks – so don’t set your heart on week 40!!

To estimate when your baby is due, the EDD (Expected Date of Delivery) its really only possible to get an estimate if you have been recording your period cycles for a few months.  Or at the very least remember when you had your last period.

If you don’t know the dates, or don’t keep track of periods, then don’t worry they will be able to give you an estimate based on baby’s growth when you have your first scan.

The professionals say that your pregnancy is considered to start from the first day of your last period, which means you’ll be considered to be four weeks pregnant when you miss your first period.  Your due date is not calculated from your fertile times or from when you had sex, as there are several days around ovulation when fertilisation could have taken place, and depending on how much action you had!

This is confusing, as most people don’t actually conceive until 2 weeks after their period has finished, when they are ovulating.  Then another 2 weeks rolls around and your preiod is expected…. if it doesnt arrive then you’re pregnant.  In reality the baby seed has only been planted for 2 weeks, but in text books they count back from the first day of your last period, which makes you offically 4 weeks pregnant.  You gained 2 weeks!

So recall the first day of your last period on your calender, and then count 40 weeks from that.  That day is your expected due date.

Enjoy your pregnancy

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