What is Hypnobirth?

Guest author article written by Tracey, a HypnoBirthing practitioner (at http://www.Gentle-Birthing.com) in Christchurch.

HypnoBIrthing …….what is it?

Like most people you may not have heard about HypnoBirthing, or ask what it is about?  Like most people you may have been put off by the word Hypno…meaning… yes Hypnosis, and decided that it must be something very mind controlling and therefore not for you?

Well before I explain to you what my experience of HypnoBirthing is and why I decided to leave my corporate job to become a HB practitioner, I will first quote to you from the HB book their explanation of HypnoBIrthing.

Childbirth is not something to be feared; it is a natural expression of life. HypnoBirthing founder Marie Mongan explores the myth of pain as a natural accompaniment to birth. She proves that when we release the fear, a fear that is keeping our body tense and closed, we will experience gentle birth. The HypnoBirthing programme is nature, not manipulation. It relaxes the mind in order to let the body work. The HB exercises, visualisation, breathing and physical preparation will lead to a happy and comfortable pregnancy. Your confidence, trust and happy anticipation will in turn lead to the peaceful, fulfilling and life affirming birth that is your right as a Mother. “ (216words)

Sounds too good to be true really doesn’t it? That’s basically saying you can birth easily with very little discomfort! Where’s the catch?  Well I can put my hand on my heart and say for me every word of it rang true for our first HypnoBirth and our second HypnoBirth! And there is no catch, all you need is the ability to relax, trust in your birthing body and a like-minded birthing companion.

My first experience with childbirth (16yrs ago) scared me mentally & emotionally for a very long time; I never wanted to give birth again. With my second pregnancy (2yrs ago ) I was scared all over again, I knew I didn’t want drugs, I knew I didn’t what a C section, what I did know is that I needed a  miracle, something that would make this whole birthing process easy, painless, fast and even enjoyable!!

I found all of this in HypnoBirthing, I was a skeptic to begin with it took me a little while to get involved in the classes and give 100% commitment. But once I let go and relaxed the visualisation became clear and attainable; my fears were met and conquered, my breathing became strong and purposeful, I looked forward to my birthing day with confidence and trust in my body. The classes paid off more than we had ever imagined possible. We had the most amazing, gentle birth it was so empowering, everything we learnt in class became second nature to us, everything we programmed or re programmed in our minds became reality. Our beautiful birth was everything we hoped and planned for. Our darling wee girl entered the world in her own time and was welcomed with soft relaxed voices. My labour was easy and enjoyable I birthed with very little discomfort.

I guess HypnoBirthing to me is a method for all couples who desire a natural approach to a safe easier more comfortable birth. At home, or hospital HB will educate you about your birthing body, empower you with the confidence to trust in your body and your baby, HB sets a beautiful bond from the very beginning with Mum, Dad and baby. HB teaches you how to deeply relax and go within, becoming one with your baby ensuring their journey into their new environment, is gentle, calm and stress free. HypnoBirthing is a means of relaxing and letting go of old belief’s, redesigning your birth experience first in the mind and then with your birthing body. With HypnoBirthing you are always in control of your mind and your body you are just deeply relaxed and focused.

Hundred of years ago women birthed easily without drama, we need to bring the simplicity back into birthing empowering women to trust in their birthing bodies to know we are designed to birth easily just like the animal kingdom we have a birthing instinct in all of us.

A gentle approach to birthing is your first opportunity to give your baby a gift with benefits that will last a lifetime.