Maternity Clothes Fashion Police

The do’s and don’ts of maternity clothes fashion

Maintaining a stylish and elegant look throughout your pregnancy is all about embracing your new shape – in fact, you should be celebrating it! Here are a few dos and don’ts to getting the most out of your maternity wardrobe.


  • DO know when you need to shop for maternity clothes: Battling with tight waistlines and shirts that no longer button up should be avoided at all costs! For the sake of comfort, there’s nothing to be gained by procrastinating on buying your maternity clothing. Instead, make a fun time of shopping for maternity clothing online and get the most wear out of your new purchases. Buying maternity clothes online is easy and brings everything right to your door if you’re not feeling well enough to go shopping or you don’t want to try to brave the weather or seek a decent parking spot! Plus it’s easy to return what doesn’t fit without any hassle.


  • DON’T sacrifice style for comfort: Modern maternity clothes offers something for all body shapes, and while comfort is key, looking stylish and elegant will ensure you feel good about your pregnant self. Good quality maternity clothing offers the best of both worlds: Comfort and style.


  • DO invest in the essentials: While watching the budget during your pregnancy is important, so is investing in the essentials: A quality maternity bra, nursing singlets, maternity jeans, and maternity tops at an absolute minimum, as well as at least one or two maternity dresses and maternity sleepwear. These items should see you through your pregnancy and into breastfeeding. Layer in cooler months with cardigans or jackets, and dress up your maternity jeans with stylish heels and jewellery for a night out.


  • DON’T be impulsive: Select maternity clothing that can be mixed and matched to create new and interesting outfits without blowing the budget. Start off with the essentials and slowly add to those as your bump grows. A comfortable pair of black maternity pants and a few tunic-style maternity tops can be mixed up to create a range of outfit combinations. A stylish maternity skirt in a neutral colour can be used over again with a range of brightly coloured maternity tops.


  • DO wear what you’re used to: Finding colours and styles that best fit your personality will make you feel confident and assured of your pregnant body. If you’ve always worn skinny jeans, invest in a pair of slim-fitting maternity jeans. But do remember your body shape is changing, so you may need to adjust your regular style of dressing accordingly.


  • DON’T skimp on quality: Because you’re probably only going to buy what you need during your pregnancy, your maternity clothing will need to be mixed and matched and re-worn repeatedly. It’s important to ensure you buy good quality pieces that will endure several washes during your pregnancy term.