Having Contractions after Birth?

Having contractions after the birth of your baby, is this normal?

Contractions after Birth
Contractions after Birth

If you’re experiencing contractions after birth – this is completely normal. What you’re experiencing is your uterus contracting back down to the size that it was before you went into labour.

You will find that most of these contractions occur when you’re breastfeeding your baby which is natures amazing way of letting your body know that your baby is born and to start contracting back to its normal size.

These contractions may be an all-too-soon reminder of being in labour, but don’t worry they won’t last long, and they won’t get stronger.

They will become more mild as time goes on, and could last up to a week before they disappear.

Remember your uterus is going back to its normal size naturally but there are ways that you can help your body recover by doing your pelvic floor exercises, and wearing a belly wrap can assist.

When baby is about 2 to 3 weeks old start doing pelvic floor exercises when you’re breastfeeding your baby. Hold your pelvic floor muscles up for 5 seconds and let go, and repeat 3-5 times. This will help in the first couple of months to reduce leakage.

These are all normal parts of the amazing journey of motherhood.