Encouraging IVF Stories

If you have been through IVF, would you mind sharing a few words to help encourage a friend of mine…..

(This was a topic from our Facebook page, that we thought might inspire other mums reading on our website)

We did 5 of them (plus a frozen one) before we were lucky enough to get our daughter. As hard as the journey was, she is worth every injection, every invasive procedure and every tear shed along the way.
I’m happy for her to send me a message if she wants someone to talk to.

Visualize!! And just believe it will work!! I did this after 1.5 years, then the month I changed my head space, read “The Secret”, that month I was pregnant with our first soon! And 6 months ago we had our second, our wee precious girl!! Believe it will happen! And it will!
Good luck!

It may be a long road ahead of you, but just think of the outcome and it will be worth the wait! It also makes the baby(ies) that you end up having even more precious to you than anyone else! All the best for the future.

I agree with all, positive thinking is so important, IVF is a means to a very special and perfect end. I have one gorgeous and clever little boy aged 3 who originally was what I call my snow baby (he was a frozen embryo after failing a fresh cycle) he is just perfect and v precious and special to us. We are just in the process of creating a brother/sister for him and will be positive thinking my way to a BFP blood test in a week or so time 🙂 best of luck hope your friend has success.

I have a beautiful 5day old son as a result of ivf after 6yrs of trying. Just remember its a long hard road and while there may be setbacks, the important thing is to look after each other through the cycles and beyond. Good luck

My beautiful 25 month old son and 6 month old twin girls are the result of IVF ICSI. IVF is a tough road but I found it helped to be open and talk to people about your ups and downs. I joined and IVF support group and have made some amazing life long friends who share such a common interest/passion. Stay positive and try not to get thrown too far back by any setbacks! I sure had a few on my road to a beautiful family but every setback made my husband and I stronger!!!

Just sending her best wishes and ‘baby’ vibes, we didnt get to IVF, I had surgery and everything else before that – we would never have been able to afford it. Coping with fertility issues is like a silent epidemic and I see a lot of it through my clinic, I have found that the more I talk about it, the more others open up to me about their journey to conceive and I was surprised at how many other people out there are going through something similar – its such a tough journey, so all the best of luck with it!!

You know what, positive thinking isn’t necessary. I’ve seen so many women say they think they’re dooming their cycle to failure because they don’t feel positive and adding unnecessary guilt to their already-heavy emotional burden. I’d hate for your friend to become one of those if she’s reading all these comments saying it’s “essential”.  The month we did our successful cycle, we had so many personal setbacks I was verging on a nervous breakdown. Then we only had 2 embryos and they weren’t good quality. My hope level was at zero. It was the most discouraged I felt out of all the cycles and yet it was the cycle that worked.  If you’re feeling positive, great! It’ll make the cycle so much easier! But don’t beat yourself up if you’re not feeling positive; just keep your eye on the goal and know you’re doing it all for a good reason.

‎15 years of IVF, the help of a wonderful donor and now 18 weeks pregnant. it can be a long hard road with many ups and downs. BUT Never give up the dream or hope, it can happen. I have learrnt through the years that the best way to deal with it is to share, having others support you and lift you up can carry you through those hard times. Good luck with your journey

Having struggled ourselves over many years and attempts sharing with others and being able to talk about it does help. Having gone through the tough times has made my husband and me a lot stronger and you certainly value your relationships and your precious babies when they do arrive. Like others have said don’t beat yourself up over things and be there for each other good times and bad.

It is a gut wrenching journey and she will feel like no one really understands how she feels and what she is going through. Don’t underestimate the stress on yourself and your relationship. If possible find someone to talk to who has been through it (I am happy to provide an email address and/or phone number). Hold on tight to your partner and know that it is going to be hard. It is OK to feel upset, down and like it is soooooo not fair. We have one beautiful boy and have just decided to stop any more treatment for another because the cost to us all was getting too much. It has been a heart breaking decision and I deal with it every day. My love to your friend xx

Tell her to look after herself extra well and spoil herself. Have lots of distractions planned but also lots of early nights. Tell her not to concentrate on numbers – my 14 month old, I was told was an ugly looking 7 cell embryo on day 3 – my only ‘good’ one, and now she is the most beautiful little girl ever. It is the hardest journey ever, the waiting, injections, scans, blood tests, egg collection, embryo transfer, but just tell her to concentrate on one day at a time…..best of luck xxx