Hospital Bag

Here are a few things that you might like to pack in your hospital bag.  Or that you might want to organize if you are having a home birth. You won’t need all of them, we’ve just picked out a few key things.

Are you going to have a look?  The product picture didn’t quite match our website style but still a super handy product….

Purelan Nipple Cream 7 gram

Absolutely essential.  Pack this in your hospital bag and use it every time after baby feeds.  Nipple damage can occur during those first few feeds, when you and baby are both learning.  Pack this in your bag!


Hydrogel Breast Discs
Another highly recommended item to add in your bag.  Healing, cooling and soothing breast discs.  If you do get a nipple crack or graze (ouchies!) then these will heal them up super fast.  But you won’t want to waste time ordering after baby is born, you’ll want to get them healed straight away.  We’ve had mothers calling us in tears desperate for this product.

Hemp Breast Pads

Breast pads of course! It will take a couple of days for your milk to come in, so pack these in your bag.  We also have disposable versions if you prefer

Breastfeeding Top
A breastfeeding top which has a zipper that opens right across the front, so you have plenty of space.  Particularly handy with a newborn baby and you are trying to master the art of latching & holding.  Relaxed fit.

Reminder Bracelets Silicone

A little wristband that will help you keep track of the times and side that you breastfeed baby – just one less thing to worry about. You could also use to count the number of baby kicks in pregnancy, and keep track of contractions during labour.

Other ideas of what to pack in your bag:

  • camera + batteries and clear memory stick
  • phone, charger, and credit
  • magazine
  • treats and snacks to eat during your stay
  • powerade