Hyperemesis Gravidarum – how to survive

Perhaps you’ve been in the same place with extreme morning sickness, can you offer any support and advice for Tammi –

“I’ve got hyperemesis gravidarum and I seriously don’t know how the heck am I going to get through another 5 months of this?????!! Feeling overwhelmed and sad and it just feels never ending. “

The following are replies from other mums that were shared on our Breastmates Facebook page, maybe something here will help you too.


I had severe HG my entire pregnancy.
Electrolyte sachets from the chemist are a godsend – especially the orange ones. You can also get them in ice block form.
Try and keep as hydrated as you can. Mine was definitely worse when I was dehydrated. Don’t be afraid to ask your hospital or after hours for iv fluids!
Another great thing for me was to set myself one or two tasks during the day. No more than that otherwise I got overwhelmed. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get things done or if you need to sleep lots

Hugs mumma!! I had that the whole pregnancy with my first baby. I was working but struggled the entire time and I had to often leave early or throw up at work and keep going 🤦‍♀️ The biggest thing I learnt from that is try the anti nauseas and combinations they can offer, take the hydration when you need it, rest when you can and as often as you can. When you have a good moment take that small walk for fresh air and eat those Crackers and gentle foods. Before I moved at all in the mornings I would eat some Crackers and sip some water to take my medication and let that try settle before I got up. My partner growled me for pushing so hard and all I can say is that there is no medal for pushing yourself to the ground. You need to put you and baby first and take it as easy as possible. You got this mumma! One day at a time ❤

Hugs, i can remember desperately searching chat rooms for fellow sufferers feedback and hoping i would be the one to get relief at 16 weeks, then 20 weeks, 26 weeks….can not recommend Ondansetron enough, allowed me to keep food down until 5pm ish and gain back the weight lost when i couldn’t keep anything down.
I tried peppermint oil beside the bed which eased the nausea to get to sleep, and pregnancy acupuncture helped. It didn’t leave until after birth but my second pregnancy was much better.
Hang in there, get a good support network around you and take it one day at a time. Worth trying all the things just in case it helps, even for a little bit. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that something eases it 🤞❤

Ondansetron was a life saver for me

My midwife gave me a prescription for something, made a massive difference.

I had it for all 3 of my pregnancies. Thankfully for my third it let up at 20 weeks, but returned just in the last week before he arrived. The heat and humidity makes it feel worse. Sip on cold icy water for fluids (don’t drink quickly). I also substituted any caffeine craving for an ice cold fizzy Coca Cola. Ondansetron is a lifesaver and don’t be afraid to take it. I have 3 healthy happy boys, and needed it almost every day.

Leave in acupuncture needles worked amazingly for me!

Hydration, Help & Hope.
Hydration to keep your bodies needs met and to avoid a severe lack of energy.
Help is available and don’t be afraid to ask for it. Friends, family and/or GP to assist in whatever way you need.
Hope always gives a fresh, positive, loving perspective on what feels like a dire situation. Keep thinking of baby and allow yourself to enjoy the things you can. There is beauty in everything ♡.

It’s awful isn’t it? I had it with my first. Somehow I managed to get through, just took it a day at a time. 😊 I tried all the natural remedies available for morning sickness, nothing worked. IV fluids were the best thing. It might take a few bags for you to pick up. You can get these at some doctor practices. Take care and rest up.

There is a hyperemesis gravidarum nz support group, great when you need to vent to someone who actually understands (although I found I had to u follow to avoid triggers while I was at my worst). If its your first, chances are it’s not going to last the whole pregnancy, it might come and go, you might get longer stretches I between horrible days, just take one day at a time and try not to think about tomorrow or next week. Good luck! I hope you feel better soon

I’ve had it 3 times over 😅 the worst was last year though. Get rehydrated at the hospital or at your gp whenever you need to! Even if you have to stay in hospital a few days, it’ll make a huge difference! Having an IV and getting them to put the meds through that too will help so much! Then a good dr will help you make a plan for 24 hour medication on rotation and then it’s just managing that (set alarms!) And trying your best to drink as much as you can and eat when you can. Ondansetron was the best med for me. And peppermint oil 😅 the smell helped mask all the other things around me because I couldn’t stand just about everything 😅 get as much rest as you can too. Have your bloods done as well, low potassium isn’t good for you and

I had it with my second pregnancy and the best thing I did was go on IV fluids at my local doctor after 6 weeks of non stop vomiting, not being able to keep water down. After the IV I made sure I kept hydrated. I tried all sorts of medication but a lot of them made me feel worse. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and try lots of things until you find something that works for you!! 🥰

Pregnancy vitamins as if you get vitamin deficient you will just feel sicker and sicker thats what happened to me and after 3 weeks of pregnancy vitamins I felt like my old self again

Ondansetron for the vomiting, but a side effect is constipation so make sure you are aware of that and have something to help that if you need it. (I found cyclizine and maxalon just made me very sleepy and didn’t actually lessen the vomiting/nausea).
Electrolytes and lots and lots of water.
Sleep! I found the vomiting was worse if I was tired.
IV hydration and IV antiemetics at local GP if they do them, or after hours.
Any food you can keep down. Don’t beat yourself up about eating unhealthy food. I lived on toast, chips and cheeseburgers 🤷🏼‍♀️.
A short walk is great for mindset and fresh air, the breeze helps the nausea.
If you’re working, take time off or stop working if you can/need to and don’t feel guilty about it. HG is no joke.
I had it with my first until 34 weeks, and I’m now 25 weeks into second pregnancy and it wasn’t as severe and stopped around 20 weeks. It’s so hard and I totally empathise! One day at a time.

Hey I am currently struggling with HG too. I can’t empathise more and I’m so sorry you are feeling so unwell. I will send u a link to join the Hg support group on fb. It really helped me get thru the first 4 months. Also as everyone suggests IV fluids and medication have been a saviour. I would recommend getting on ondesteron or an alternative to help ease your vomiting. The nausea may reduce.

Look after your mental health. If you have other children or work, try get as much support as possible around you. Go to the doctors or see your midwife, no matter what time it is, get your Bp checked incase you need IV because your dehydrated. Its better than leaving it for too long because your busy. Find a routine that works for you with anti nausea meds eg wake up, lemon ginger tea, meds; whole grain toast, wait, water, wait, crackers etc