Maternity Sanitary Pads

Following the birth of your baby, you’ll most probably have bleeding, bloody discharge after labour. The technical term is lochia. This can start off quite heavy for the first few days after birth. So it is important that you get some proper maternity sanitary pads. You’ll need something extra long, with wings, and highly absorbent.

You will get bleeding if you have a vaginal birth, and also if you have a c-section. Alot of women think they won’t get the bleeding if they have a ceasarean as they incorrectly think that all the blood will get sucked out by the surgeon.

We suggest the Libra Maternity sanitary pads.

Most mothers will probably only need to purchase one or two packets of these special maternity sanitary pads, and then the discharge will be lighter so they can use normal sanitary pads. It is normal for the discharge to last for as long as up to 8 weeks – though over this time the discharge will change from heavy/dark blood to a light brown discharge.

It is very important not to use tampons.

If you have any concerns about the amount of blood loss, please contact your health professional.