Pelvis Pain when Pregnant

A topic shared from our Facebook community.  Did anyone have pelvis troubles when pregnant? [Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction]

Did anyone have to be on bed rest, or crutches while pregnant? How’d you deal with toddlers at the same time?

Here are some shared tips from other mums….

I was in a wheelchair at one point, had my nearly 2yr old on my knee. Spent a lot of time on crutches.

Yep I got it, and is one of the biggest reasons I will never have anymore kids, I ended up on crutches a bit in the end, but I just kind of had to grin and bear through it with my 20 month old still to care for, wouldn’t wish it on anyone! My pelvis still hurts and clicks 2 months on too

Yep, luckily I didn’t have a toddler but I had 3 teens/almost teens. I had to quit work and was on crutches from 18 weeks till the birth. I couldn’t walk to the loo which was 4 metres without my crutches it sucked totally. I am so cared of it happening again while I have a little one to look after

Yes, bed rest. All the time. Had health problems the whole way through

I had a mild SPD but found mine settled when I stopped working….I am a dance teacher and danced up until my 34th week of pregnancy. The pain I had in my pelvis and inside thighs was horrendous (especially after 5 hours of teaching dance!) alternating between exercise and rest is the best way, watching to keep knees together when getting in and out of cars, sitting posture, standing posture etc will help as well.

I did in both pregnancies, but it was much worse in my second – partly because I think I was already “broken” but also running after a 2.5 year old. I never found a total fix, but after a lot of searching, found a chiropractor with lots of experience in pregnancy and the Webster technique specifically. I was reluctant to try it, but the alternative was a wheelchair and/or total bed rest.

I had SPD through 2 of my 3 pregnancies, and recently with my 3rd I was meant to be using crutches but it was impossible with a 3 year old and 18 month old. I wore 2 support belts, had to stop walking other than just around house but no pram pushing etc, and every time I rolled over or coughed my pelvis would clunk. The only rest for my pelvis was my study days when my 2 were in care and I could sit still and rest my pelvis. I also had sacrum pain which took about 3 weeks postnatal to heal before I could lie on my back without taking 10 minutes to breathe through the pain.  The support belts did help, warm baths, hot wheat packs and counting down the weeks to full term.

I wasn’t bad enough to get a diagnosis. It was still bad and very painful for me anyway (twice). In my last pregnancy I had a really good midwife and she referred me to physio. I got a belt to put around my pelvis, that somewhat helped. I had a 1YO and 2YO at the time, it was very challenging.  Pain subsided significantly after birth went away completely about 4-5 months after birth.

I had it both pregnancies, my 2 are 16 months apart. First Pregnancy just stayed in bed had to pee in a bucket over night as couldn’t get to the toilet. Second pregnancy had to stay home from 28 weeks other than trips to physio and midwife. Crutches were too much hard work.

I was on crutches from around 28 weeks with a 2yo. I went to physio at least once a week and also did an aqua program every week which helped a lot. I stayed home a lot and only went out when someone could come with me to help. I found things like pushing a pram or trolley excruciating so ended up having my groceries delivered every week.

I had my hip out in both pregnancies which made a pain very similar to SPD. The first time I just got blown off by everyone I talked to about it (“normal pregnancy pain”) and it wasn’t until I was having really bad pain in my knees 8 months after giving birth that I finally went to a chiropractor who sorted me out. Second time round I saw the chiropractor regularly and had a support belt which helped a lot. I have read that this hip problem often gets misdiagnosed as SPD so I recommend anyone with that pain to see a chiro or similar, they may be able to help 🙂

I had it bad, I cried every time trying to get out of bed couldn’t pick up my toddler or run around was horrible

I had SPD and a young toddler (only 20 months between). It was pretty tough – I saw an Osteopath near the end of my pregnancy and that made things heaps better, I wish I had seen her as soon as the pain started.
As for dealing with the toddler – my partner and I made split responsibilities a bit – I did all the reading, puzzles, quiet stuff and he made sure Ben got a good run around when he got home from work. We also invested in a trampoline when I was about 6 months pregnant and that gave him somewhere to let off some steam.

Smiley Belt helped me a lot!!! Rest as much as you can, go up the stairs sideways, roll to your side in bed then sit up sideways.

Had it, started at 13weeks wit my first, crutches at 19weeks, wheelchair and complete bed rest at 24weeks. post birth (c/s) I have wheelchair for 4months, got off crutches at 9 months, and was fairly mobile by the time he was 2yrs.    For our second (and sadly, our last) I was starting from the ‘already broken’ state, but had much better care, management, and prevention tactics. I went on crutches at 11weeks, and wheelchair at 15weeks, but managed to stay off bed rest, and my 3 1/2 yr old was really good about it. Post birth (VBAC!!!) has been so much better; I was off all aids at only 5 months! 🙂

I have Scoliosis and hyper mobility which is what causes my issues. Knowing my limitations, and constant physio, helped heaps. I have done hydrotherapy twice a week post birth

A chiropractor helped me immensely ‎(at 6 months) starting with the exercise physiology department for twice a week gym work on land instead of water.

I had it thru both pregnancies, with ballet teaching and a 2 yr old the second time round. Lots of resting with my feet up, chiropractic every week kept me going, and keeping one foot elevated when standing e.g. doing dishes with one foot on a box and changing the box over to other foot every few minutes. Physio and support bands for pelvis, horribly painful but ok as knew was getting baby at the end of it 🙂 hard to get in/out of a car, ended up on bed rest in 3rd trimester for both kiddies.

I used a Smiley Belt, some pregnancy aqua aerobics in early days which helped but as I got bigger I ended up on crutches, and even then my pelvis would give way and I would drop to the floor. Bed rest is the way to go but it is really hard if you have other children to care for or have to work. Things like having your groceries delivered, seeing a physio, keeping your knees together when getting up from sitting (this is a big thing), and the pool is always great to get some relief from the pressure.  It gets worse with every pregnancy, I have been advised not to have anymore children (I have 3 so wasn’t planning on anymore!!). It really is an awful condition.

Had it thru the last two and had to be hospitalised both times (22 weeks total.) God it was horrendous! Used an a-frame or wheelchair. Unfortunately I was high risk so it meant no hydro. I found sitting on a ball at the comp helped, avoiding stairs, body pillow, braces & belts. I also have hyper mobility issues, had to have a cerclage etc. Have a look into birthing positions that are good for SPD. Now I still have a mild form of SPD 18 months after the last one. I am so thankful that I never have to have another baby! Hang in there! It sucks but you WILL get through this!

Yip I had it, had crutches, but found them hard when trying to run around after my 12mth old. I found trying to get comfortable in bed really hard, needless to say I didn’t get a lot of sleep during that pregnancy. The pool was magic, took almost all the pain away. The good news was, when I fell pregnant again when my second baby was 7mths, I didn’t have it with that pregnancy very bad.

I had it with my second pregnancy. I was in so much pain but could only wear the belt. I tried everything else and nothing seemed to work. Doctors said it was because my pregnancies were so close together everything loosened up. I got pregnant with my second baby when my first was 10 weeks old.

I had displaced hips and a dislocated tailbone with 4 preschoolers, couldn’t walk….it was hideous! I would suggest lots of reading picture books (I also had hyper emesis and struggled to read so we listened to books on tape together!) my 6th pregnancy I was freaking out I would have it again but was fine, although I only got to 23 weeks, so that might have had something to do with it.

I had this too. So awful! My first pregnancy was surprisingly much worse than my 2nd and I only had a small gap of 15 months. Support belt, lots of intense stretching and disabled badge got me through. Turning in bed was so painful, often involved screams. Still not completely healed and youngest is 14months. When I gave birth to my 1st the pain was gone instantly after delivery unfortunately not the same result with baby number 2.

yep I had it a month before my son was due, didn’t know what it was but after two weeks of not able to move without being in pain, but once I was moving the pain went, I couldn’t poo and it hurt to pee so my mw sent me to the chiropractor on a Thursday then on the Tuesday I had my son 5 days early, Thank god for that!

My chiropractor was my sanity!! He taught my honey how to pop my pubic bone back into place. I also learned exercises to help strengthen the muscles that hold the pelvis and hips in place. It wasn’t perfect, but it helped. And then, a lot of bed rest. My honey would make the kids lunches before he left for the workplace so they could just pull it from the fridge. We had books and music and “school work” at our finger tips. I would also recommend setting up the wii or something so the kids can get their wiggles out right there.

Chiro/Osteo and physio, but honestly the belt was good… Unfortunately my 2&5 year olds got a lot of TV and could hide from me upstairs. I only did the bare necessities for housework, got a cleaner in a couple of times (crawled around cleaning the floors when I felt good though – crazy) and got my groceries home delivered.

Sadly my baby is now 15 months old and I’m still not 100% again.  Won’t stop me going again though. I’m hoping if I lose a bit of weight before we try again things will be a bit better next time.

I am currently suffering, but am doing everything I can to avoid crutches. This will be my third and final pregnancy. Each time the pain has gotten worse and started earlier. The best advice I can give is that as soon as it starts see a specialist physio, do clinical Pilates and wear the belt. I wouldn’t have gotten this far with out them.

Yep, was on crutches for about 6 weeks with a Toddler that I couldn’t lift or anything. Thank god for her fantastic grandparents who came every morning to help me! Had elective c-section two weeks early because the pain was so bad. Belts, painkillers, acupuncture, nothing helped while I was pregnant. Heaps better after birth and am now going to a cranial osteo which is helping heaps.

I had it with both pregnancies and the 2nd time it was much worse. I had to finish work at 21 weeks and was on crutches. Trying to run around after a very active toddler was a nightmare, and to be honest, I’m not really sure how I got through. The SPD hasn’t gone away though -my youngest is 21 months old now and I still have problems with my pelvis.

I was very, very lucky to avoid crutches but it took a massage therapist (fortnightly), a physiotherapist (every 3 weeks) and an acupuncturist (fortnightly) and a husband willing to give me hip and glute massages to keep me that way. In terms of dealing with toddlers, I just had to stay off the floor as that was guaranteed to flare up my SPD.

Tried hydrotherapy once or twice a week – hot bath lovely but then u have to get out.  Pelvis pain, recovering from op @17wks for ovarian cyst, trapped nerve, irritable uterus….topped off by 2yo…. Support belt, tens machine & acupuncture worth a go, good luck.

Oh getting out of the car tip:  Put an empty plastic grocery bag on seat before you sit & its easier to turn and get out.

I had it for #3 (other 2 were toddlers), but not crutches, just a support belt. I don’t recall having many problems after the first couple of months. I had a 3 yr break before #4 pregnancy during which I didn’t have SPD and felt great. I ran heaps and even walked and worked up to my last week of pregnancy and completed a half marathon 5 months later. During #5 16 months later I did have SPD, used a support belt and didn’t walk much. I water walked which was helpful to keep me active so I could keep up with the toddler and other children. Baby is now 9 months and I still have intermittent pain in my pelvic joint sometimes. I am planning a chiro visit soon to see if that helps.

Keeping knees together when getting out of cars, bed etc and using a pillow between legs when lying down helps.

I was on crutches with my first pregnancy so no toddler but physio and hot water helped and LOTS of rest with feet up!

Also, please look into water birth. It was wonderful! I had freedom of movement and could wriggle baby through the pelvis. Of course with each contraction I could feel the pain mainly in the front pelvic joint, but being able to move freely without the weight helped immensely.

Chiropractor & a physiotherapist who specialises in women’s health after birth fixed me up real good!

I had SPD – started off after one night at work standing 8hrs straight on my feet while pregnant. The pain went away after a day of resting; it felt like someone had kicked me in the pelvis. Then it came back and didn’t go away, I ended up going to the Maternity Unit at the local hospital when I was a month off giving birth and got diagnosed with it…at this stage the pain felt like a burning session and that I had been kicked badly in between the legs! Everything I did hurt, I was referred to physio but was turned away as the day I finally got to see them was when I was a few days shy of my due date! I slept with a pillow between my legs and tried my best to keep my knees together, though I wasn’t on bed rest I was put on light sitting duties at work. I had shared care with my GP and Maternity Unit and it was at an antenatal visit I got given a support belt and wore this especially when I was at work (I work in banqueting for a large hotel), I eventually stopped wearing my belt because it was making the pain worse. It went away just before I gave birth, but came back for a few days after I had given birth.

Yes had with second pregnancy used Smiley belt and my Pilates teacher helped heaps with lots of different pelvic floor exercises which helped ease it. I also got my husband and toddler to help with things like doing up my shoes as that was when the pain was most intense. Also visited hospital physio and learnt bout holding in pelvic floor and tummy when getting out of bed, standing from sitting etc. Had water birth which helped for the birth.

I was on bed rest with 5 other children, I really think it was almost impossible to actually not get up.

I got it at 4 months, but was told I had torn my groin and to keep going and it got worse so went for a second opinion, now that I have the support and physio pain is tolerable. But in the last week I have been having really bad leg cramps at night, to the point I am crying and getting no sleep, did people experience this as well? I feel I can cope during the day on light duties ( as mums we basically need to keep going and I am married to a diary farmer, who works long hours and I don’t have family around ) but night times is to painful, and I wake up sore and stiff. I am now 30 weeks, bring on the next 10 weeks quickly. I didn’t have it with my first pregnancy, and thinking at this stage this maybe he last. I am having a c-section due to emergency one with my first, the specialists have signed me up already.