Logging a newborn

A great record of baby feeding and sleeping….

Our Newborn Logbook is a very simple yet effective diary of a newborn.  By jotting down feeding times, breast side, bottle volume, and sleep times it means you have less things to remember as a new mum.  No more “mm, when did I put him to bed, when did I last feed him?”

We encourage mothers to Demand Feed and follow the cues of their baby, this just helps you to keep a record of that and means that you aren’t left in any doubt.  After a few short days you’ll be able to see if there are any patterns.

These logbooks also make a really great gift, that you won’t find anywhere else!

Yes there are iphone Apps that can do this for you thesedays, but its also nice to have a physical item that you can save.  It would be a great item for a time capsule for when your baby is grown up!

Sarah emailed me recently and said “I’m still using the logbook as I have such a bad memory I never remember what time I fed him last or what side! Although he’s pretty much like clockwork – he’s feeding every hour when he’s up!”