Pregnancy Support Belt Review

A review from Hannah about our Pregnancy Support Belt. 

Hannah writes:   “Wish I had this sooner! At 36 weeks pregnant I’m finding that by the end of the day my stomach muscles are feeling heavy and achy. This takes some of that pressure off and provides extra support while getting through those evening jobs. I’ve also worn it throughout the day while working in at a desk. It’s super comfortable, doesn’t feel too wide,  the fabric is a great supportive thickness and feels like it breathes so doesn’t get too hot. There is plenty of room to adjust the sizing tighter or loser as you feel you need to. As a heavier set person I didn’t get any pinching or rubbing either which was great!   Under clothing its really inconspicuous by not adding too much extra bulk so no one would know you are wearing it.”

Highly recommend!

5 stars

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Pregnancy Support Belt
Pregnancy Support Belt
Pregnancy Support Belt – Hannah