Silicone Breast Pump

New Product Alert:  Silicone Breast Pump

Silicone Breast Pump
Silicone Breast Pump

Price point: Under $30

The Silicone Breast Pump is a new product that I’ve recently added to the website.   I’m continually fascinated about how simple it is to work and express milk.  Particularly after all my years of selling Avent, Medela, Unimom breast pumps!   I couldn’t understand it initially, because to me it looked like a breastshield with a bulb bottle on the end.   But the thing is – it is soft flexible silicone, it works by squeeze and suction.

When you put it over your breast, you just give the bottle a squeeze and that creates a suction around the nipple.  This extends the nipple a little bit – and stimulates let-down.

Soft flexible: Silicone Breast Pump
Soft flexible: Silicone Breast Pump

You know that feeling when you’re feeding baby one side; and you’ve got let-down in your other breast because you feel the tingly sensation, and milk drips are filling your breast pad?   Now when that happens, you can feed baby at one breast and use this Silicone Breast Pump on the other side to catch all those drips.    Just by doing one squeeze on the bottle to get that suction.   You might get 20-50mls of milk by doing this.  Which is pretty much free breastmilk that would have otherwise been wasted and not captured.    You could build up a handy little stash of milk in your freezer!  Pour the collected milk into our Breast Milk Storage Bags

You could use the Silicone Breast Pump like this if you are feeding baby at one side, or if you are using a single electric breast pump – then catch the spare letdown from the other breast.

If you want to express more than just that letdown – you can manually pump by squeezing the bottle in and out.  This then works as a manual pump.    I wouldn’t recommend doing this if you need to express ALOT of milk, because it will get boring and an electric pump is much quicker to use for big expressing.  This Breast Pump is suited more for pumping to build up an occasional stash – not for relying on milk for all feeds.

Some mothers also use this Silicone Breast Pump first thing in the morning when their breasts are feeling full and engorged.  They just put the pump over the boob and relieve that fullness; and then feed baby.  Which also can help with baby’s feeding because bubs won’t be bombarded with the fast full rush of that initial morning milk; and it will be easier for baby to latch.

But do remember:  the more milk you take off (or feed baby) means that your body will think this is increased demand and will make that same quantity (plus a bit more) the following day.  So be-careful that you only express off the minimal amount when you’re heavily engorged: else you will get into the cycle of overproducing milk and getting engorged every day

I made a little video (see below) to try and show you how the pump works.  I wasn’t too keen on giving you a demo with my little boob and real nipple, so I’ve just a balloon for demonstration purposes  🙂

MY KEY POINTS:  It’s really easy to use.  Quiet.  Dishwasher friendly.  Free breastmilk that would be wasted.  And inexpensive at under $30.  So you should give one a try – and I mean that genuinely, this is not just a sales pitch.

Here’s the shop link:  Silicone Breast Pump