Considering conceiving? 5 no-nonsense pre-pregnancy tips

pre-pregnancy tipsConsidering conceiving? Here are five no-nonsense pre-pregnancy tips

It’s impossible to anticipate every curve ball you’ll experience during pregnancy, but there are some great pointers that can make all the difference when you know them early. Here are five simple pre-pregnancy tips that we love.

1. You don’t need to buy as much stuff as you might think.

In Finland, newborns are sent home with a starter kit with a few clothes, nappies, a sleeping bag, and a small mattress, all held in a cardboard box that can even be used as a crib. We’re not saying you should make your baby sleep in a cardboard box, but before you splash out, take a step back and have a clear think about what you really need. Make a wish list and spend your money wisely.

2. Do a little bit of research about what happens immediately after giving birth.

But only enough so you aren’t surprised by the physical details. It may be that there’s a lot of blood, or that it’s difficult to use the bathroom, or some people find nursing for the first time can be painful. Rather than freaking yourself out by consulting Dr Google, perhaps have a quick chat with your doctor to get an idea of what’s normal.

3. Be kind to yourself.

Nap, laugh, meditate, enjoy yourself or hang out with your friends. Make time to do things that you enjoy. Do (almost) whatever you need to do that helps you release anxiety and keeps you mentally healthy. Becoming a mother can be a big change of identity, but you don’t have to sacrifice your entire pre-pregnancy self in the process. The next pointer will also help with this…

4. Stay active (unless your doctor tells you otherwise).

It may sound obvious, but pregnancy is a hugely physical experience and keeping active will help. Most gym trainers and yoga teachers can help you by suggesting pregnancy-friendly alternative actions or poses. If you’re not a gym-bunny, yoga-pretzel, or aqua-jogger, just make sure you find an activity that you enjoy so it’s fun enough to keep up. Instead of meeting friends for a coffee, why not meet them for a walk? Staying active may even help you feel more like your old self again once your baby arrives.

5. Get yourself a body pillow or belly support pillow.

This one is for those mums-to-be that prefer sleeping on your stomach. Position a body pillow or belly support pillow right and you can trick yourself into feeling like you’re sleeping on your front. Bliss.

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