Shared Stories

Reading another mum’s honest, heartfelt story of motherhood is inspiring and comforting. It’s so helpful to know other mothers have been through what we’re facing! Our special collection of stories from real mums covers breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, postnatal depression, baby loss and miscarriage, feeding tips for plus-size mums, and beautiful photos of mums breastfeeding their babies. Say it with us: “Awwww!”

Lilly’s birth Story

Donna wanted to share her birth/breastfeeding journey so far in the hope it may inspire

Post Natal Depression

Post Natal Depression - Signs of PND and online Support

How Long did you Breastfeed

A survey of mothers asking when they planned to wean their baby. Some great

Glamour Photo

A gorgeous photo of mum and baby breastfeeding

Nursing with Large Breasts

Women with large size breasts, is nursing her baby. This lady is a G

Breast Reduction

Breastfeeding after Breast Reduction and Nipple Surgeries

How to Support a Family Going Through Baby Loss

An amazingly strong and courageous women, who said goodbye to her daughter only 8 hours

In Memory of Amanda

A very sad story of stillborn baby Amanda, shared courageously by her mum.

In Memory of Caitlyn

One brave mother shares the story of her daughters birth and death, and then the

Journeying Through Miscarriage

A mum shares the story of going through a miscarriage, and what you can do