In Memory of Tayla Mai

~~ Kellie shares her story ~~

From 20 weeks I was told my daughter had hydroclephalus.   I was offered a termination which I refused even though I knew she could be disabled.  I didn’t mind because she was still my baby.

I had some scans along the way which showed the fluid increasing but everything else seemed fine with her.

The week before I was due for my c-section I had an appointment with my midwife, and she couldn’t find the heartbeat.  I got sent to the hospital were a scan was done and I was told the devastating news that my baby girl’s heart had stopped.

That was 2.5  weeks ago and my heart is broken.

We had a funeral last week for Tayla Mai were all our families attended and her other siblings to say our goodbyes.  She has 5 older brothers and one older sister so she was coming home to a big family who were all excited to meet her.

We have a follow up appointment in 8 weeks to discover if there was any other reason other than the hydroclephalus that caused this.  Hopefully we will get some answers to our questions.