Baby Born with Tooth

One customer shares her experience of breastfeeding.

She writes:  “My first born was breastfed for 1 month then I got really sick so it was bottle for her.

My second baby was breastfeed for 6 months and then started teething.

My third baby I breastfed for one month and then I got sick again so had to put on a bottle.

My last baby was breastfed for four days – he was born with a damn tooth!!!  I really tried to breastfeed, but the nightmare of telling nurses you want to give your baby a bottle, it was a battle!!

I was only in hospital for one day, not even a full 24 hours, but I had a whole night of my beloved baby chewing on me was too much for me to deal with.  But when I asked for one bottle, it  was all i needed, my midwife warned me there would be resisitance so I took everything else they could offer me just to give my poor nipples a rest.  I had to fill in forms and all sorts to confirm my permission.

I went home and continued trying to feed him but it was much too painful with the tooth, so he was bottle fed.

He was also a very hungry little boy….he never lost the few ounces all babys do after birth he just gained and gained …

The worst part I find is how much presure mums who can’t breastfeed have to go through now.  Some hospitals here were even exposed for telling the mums ‘no bottle – breast only’ and having their babys screaming from starvation…. its ok if you can’t feed your baby yourself…just make sure it gets fed.