Are my Breasts Still Making Milk?

Breastfeeding Tip from Lactation Consultant Marie:

“At three months your breasts change, at the same time babies tend to have a major growth spurt.

As babies tend to feed all the time this doesn’t mean you don’t have enough milk.

At this time breasts do not tend to store milk any more they make milk on demand, and your baby will continue to get everything they need.

There is no need to wean and you are making enough milk.

Lots of mothers give up breastfeeding at this stage, when it is after the 3 month mark breastfeeding becomes an enjoyable experience.”

Breastmates have a great list of real  Breastfeeding Tips for mothers. This is a great tip from Marie, as mothers have often questioned if their breasts are still making milk, as they may not seem as full as when baby was a newborn.