Breastfeeding Tips from a Mum

Some breastfeeding tips we received from one of our members

She suggests:

  1. You need to be relaxed!!  (I have a high-need baby who rarely sleeps, even as a newborn so I was excessively tired. She also had silent reflux which caused a lot of unsettledness. So being relaxed was actually something I had to focus on.
  2. Don’t watch the clock.
  3. Demand from bubs = Supply from mum
  4. Breastfeeding is not just about feeding your baby, hence it’s also called nursing. As well as nutrition, immunity etc you are providing comfort & it’s a fantastic way to bond.
  5. Rest is important (sometimes feels impossible) and lots of water.
  6. Did have sore nipples at the start … due to a bad latch!! I should have asked for more advice than I did. Purelan Lanolin was my saviour.
  7. Pain may make you feel like giving up but so worth sticking it out + when you get the latch sorted, it doesn’t hurt

I wasn’t going to breastfeed and thought maybe I would just express breastmilk and give bottles, but I think breastfeeding is the most awesome choice we made. 11 months and counting. Completely pro breastfeeding, can you tell?