Clicking While Feeding

My experience with breastfeeding – our daughter is 14 weeks old.

We had a bit of trouble getting the latch right – when she was first born, and then a few weeks later – she was clicking whilst feeding.

I was told by one child health provider this was “wrong” and just to “put a pillow under her” and that should fix it.  Totally destroyed my confidence in what I had thought was fine.

After a LOT of tears, and help from a fantastic lactation specialist and also contacting my antenatal education provider – who is part of La Leche League, we got it semi-sorted and now only very ocassionally does Olivia click/not latch right.

It was really tough at the beginning, but she puts on weight well and is healthy and happy and I am glad I perservered.

I also had a great boost from another Mum I met in the hospital (and keep in touch with now!) who helped calm and quell my anxiety!

So my experience is positive and negative – but i really enjoy breastfeeding her, and knowing, that just by my own body, I am keeping another life alive!

From Angela

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