Cluster Feeding

The best breastfeeding tip that I got was from my wonderful midwife.

She told me to always leave at least an hour and a half between feeding – no matter how unsettled baby is.

Her logic behind it was that by doing this you will know that baby is hungry and they getting quality milk rather than a watery snack.

From week two (when my midwife gave me this tip) during the day we spaced feeding out with 3-4 hours between feeds and then on troublesome evenings we always stuck by the 90 minute rule – to the minute if she was really cross!

It was hard sometimes but I soon found it easier to spread her feeds out and she started sleeping through the night.  I really feel that spacing the feeds helped – it also helps in avoiding having a windy baby too.”

From Kirsty

Note from Breastmates: yes this is a great tip and is something we used to do too.  I think its really important in the evening to do those clutter feeds.  Well done!