Drink Lots of Water to Make Milk

My husband and I have six children, I fed number one fine, but gave up after three months for a variety of different reasons, none of which were sensible when I look back. I had no success breastfeeding two and three, but had no problem at all with four, five, and six!

I tried everything (I thought) with the two and three; feeding drops from the naturopath, Complan and Vitaplan, eating so much that I hated food, and on it went. I went to The Family Centre here in Hamilton for ‘help’, but ended up on formula with both.

I think far too much emphasis is placed on how much your baby weighs compared to the Plunket chart. As more and more babies are formula fed the average weights are getting heavier and heavier. I think it is far more logical to look at output to determine whether your baby is getting enough fluid.

I believe the biggest thing with successful feeding is drinking mountains of fluid. I drank water and redbush  tea. I ate sensibly, not mountains so I was sick of food, but I never skipped a meal, and always had a cookie or similar for morning and afternoon tea.

I fed lots and lots the first four weeks, and then set a routine in place. I like to say I schedule fed on demand, or demand fed to a schedule 😉

I’m still feeding our 6th baby three feeds a day at 19 months, and we’re both loving it.

I read novels when I feed her, it’s pretty much the only chance I get to read with six homeschooled kids! I have said on many occasions that I’ll feed her ’til she’s five, whether she likes it or not!”

Thank you for sharing this story with Breastmates . We often recommend that mothers drink a full glass of water after every feed they do.