Get Baby Used to a Bottle

I’m in all the process of breastfeeding my baby boy!

He is my second child, my first one is a little girl who I breast fed for 22 months.  I hope I will be breastfeeding my boy for the same time.

What I’m doing with my son is to express some milk.  This was so that he could get use to the bottle and as well to my breast!

But the best part is that I don’t get stuck at home… I can go for a date with my husband… can go for a couple of days away… and leave baby with mum or a friend and they can feed him with my expressed milk.

The more I feed and express the more milk i get.

He switches between bottle and breast very easily.”

From Helena

This is really great advice Helena, its a good idea to express milk for baby to get use to a bottle, and to share the feeding.  Especially from a young age, when you can swtich between breast and bottle easily.  When baby gets older they can be more fussy and reject either the teat or the nipple.  Read more Breastfeeding Tips from real mothers.