Initially Had Low Milk Supply

A customer recently sent us an email about her breastfeeding journey with her four babies.

She writes: “My name is Jazz and I have fed 4 babies by breast, each for more than a year.

My first birth I lost 500ml of blood but was never given any transfusion so my milk took along time to come in. I was at the end of my tether after 5 days with hardly any sleep and a very hungry and angry baby screaming all the time.

My midwife checked my milk supply via a pump that morning only to get 5ml from both breasts. So we gave our daughter 50ml of formula and BLISS she slept for 3hours!!!

I keep going with breastfeeding before every bottle feed and went home that afternoon.  Three bottles later at 7pm I went to do a breastfeed first and “wham” I had milk galore!   I  went from a C bra cup to a DD right then and there.  “OUCH!”   That baby was breastfed until she was 18 months old.

I had no milk supply problems at all with my other three babies, just mastitis with my last two.

Baby #2 was fed until 18months

Baby #3 was fed for 15months

and Baby #4 was fed for 11months as I dried up.

I hope my first child’s story can help mums keep trying even though it hurts (I was VERY VERY sore and engorged by day 5).   I understand it is not going to happen for everyone.

Please use your mothers instinct if you feel you are not supplying enough milk, and get it checked.