Special Moments for Busy Mums

A mother recently shared her baby feeding story with us, and she has some good advice.

She writes  “I have two sons, Korin who is 8 months and Seren who is 24 months.

Seren weened himself off breastfeeding when he was about nine months and I put him on the bottle which was good as it meant that I could put him down a for a sleep and he would actually sleep.

I felt so guilty though and was always thinking oh maybe I should put him back on the boob but I felt I just wasn’t making enough.  He was happy on the bottle and stayed on it for roughly another six months. I had just had enough of breastfeeding when he went on the bottle.

Now i am feeding my second baby Korin and he is showing no signs of wanting to stop.  It is so hard feeding him with a toddler around though cos as soon as I sit down to feed him Seren plays up knowing that I cant do anything.

Also Korin gets distracted which makes a feed take twice as long and I cant sit down for long periods with him as I have to chase around after Seren and do everything else.

I think its harder with the second baby as you have so much more to do.  I have had no problems with breastfeeding though and I’m all for it and for people doing what they feel comfortable with.

I’m a really busy mum and  I know what it is like to feed while being a really busy mum and I struggle.   Sometimes I get mad and I get sad sometimes and i just want to give up.

I think how easy it would be to put him on the bottle and just leave him on some pillows on the ground but then I think of when he looks up at me and grabs my nose and hands and i think that i will never get that time back again and how special it is.

Also my older son Seren has just started having the boob again too.  Just for the closeness of being with his mum so that makes me want to keep going.  My advice to mums is just keep trying, if you are in doubt just think about the special moment you are having with your child.”