Stressful Breastfeeding to Start With

A customer shares her story:

“Everyone says breastfeeding is natural and that our bodies are made to do it but we still need to learn the skill, both mother and baby.

Being left in a hospital room alone due to understaffing and being told to feed your crying newborn who won’t latch on correctly is the most stressful feeling for a new mum.

Then 5 days later when your nipples are cracked and bleeding and you are so exhausted you just want to get into bed and sleep for a week, the information you’ve skimmed over regarding bottle feeding (if you can find any) is looking just that bit more appealing!

The only advice I can give if you want to successfully breastfeed is to persevere.

As with everything in the first few weeks with a new baby, it gets easier.

Talk to your Mum and your friends, read books or magazine articles and you’ll find out that you’re not alone with your experiences. “

From Kara (bf’ing for 11 mths)

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