Switching to Formula

My experiences with breast feeding where all done the hard way.

The midwives where great and while in hospital feeding was a breeze.

But soon found out that baby wasn’t getting enough milk and off to the lactation consultant  we marched.

Two different types of drug later and one very under weight little man (born 2.9kg) we resorted to formula as the midwife and team where not happy – he lost 15% body weight and dropped to just under 2.4kg and where saying they wanted him in hospital.

As a mother who wanted to breastfeed, I struggled with it a lot. But now I look back I see that we made the right choice….

With little or no input from medically minded people about which formula we should choose. After standing in the supermarket for 45 minutes staring at tins we picked the cheapest figuring if he didnt like it we could throw it out.  He did although become very spilly in 3wks, so we  changed to a different brand and have had no problems since.

Yes it is great to breastfeed – if you can!

For those who try and fail the health system is not very supportive in fact down right nasty at times. It is bad enough to be judged by people who have no idea what you have been through, but to be judged by those who are meant to be helping??? Something needs to change so there is a middle road somewhere.”

From Lena