Battle to Keep Feeding


A breastfeeding photo from a wonderful women that we know.  This gorgeous lady has 3 children, and has done a mixture of breast and bottle feeding with them.

She wrote this email yesterday, which is a common sort of theme that we hear from mums, so many people battle to keep breastfeeding.  So you are not alone!

“I am battling to keep breastfeeding but thats another story. I thought I was doing ok until we discovered the poor mite is only getting 60ml from me per feed (no wonder he woke hourly!). I was gutted with the nurses when the changes we made, made him refuse the breast – but I fought to have things changed again so he is now back feeding again. 8 months and having 3 feeds per day. Am trying to pump at night – I use any milk in his breakfast but often there is nothing but I figure the stimulation must be good? Am trying to keep eating well, drink heaps, take blessed thistle etc”

Yes using a breast pump will help with stimulation and help milk supply, just do it at the same time every night and you will slowly be able to increase the amount of milk you get out.  Actually pumping in the morning can be better, you may have more milk in the morning and be less tired.  Yes eating drinking, and also porridge is meant to be good too!