Experiencing the Joy

A customer recently shared her breastfeeding story with us, and some photos of her darling children.





She writes: “I have had major problems with breastfeeding. With my first daughter, my milk never came in, she was severely tongue tied which wasn’t snipped till she was 8 days old and by then I had major nipple damage.  Expressing for over an hour only produced 30ml and it was pink…… so I was devestated, crying and she ended up on the bottle.

With bubba number 2 I knew what I was in for, SO I made sure if this bubs was tongue tied it was snipped straight away (which it was) and I demanded the lactation consultant come and help me out in hospital lots (which they didnt last time, very unhelpful first time round) and I was using fenugreek capsules, blessed thistle and ‘milk flow’ spray all helped a little but in the end my midwife ended up prescribing me Domperidone tablets and they seem to be working as I am taking 9 a day. YAY !!!!

I am finally experiencing the joy of being able to breastfeed my precious bundle.   I also make up big batches of the cookies that help with milk that have lots of oats, brewers yeast, linseeds etc in them.

Also I am a E/F cup at the moment so I know how the other big breasted mums out there feel.

1st born – Taylor 17/11/2007

2nd born – Madison 3/2/2010″

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