First Feed 45 Minutes Old

Breastfeeding New Born baby

This mum shared some gorgeous breastfeeding photos with us, of her two daughters.

She says “this is my daughter Kailtin who was one month old in the photograph, she is now 2 ½ “

This is the same mother feeding her second daughter, within 45 minutes of birth.


And again at 4 months

Breastfeeding Image

Mum says “We hope to keep going ’til close to 2 years old, as there’s probably no more babies on the cards for us.  I’ve really enjoyed the experience & will miss it hugely when Isobel doesn’t need me for that anymore. Not to say we didn’t have our dramas – at 1 month old I had major nipple damage (from thrush from her mouth) & mastitis – but we got through it & carried on happily.”

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