1 Year Old Won’t Drink Milk

Sally shares a story about her son’s weaning…..

Just before he hit 1 year old, my son decided he was a big boy and wouldn’t drink cow’s milk or formula.

I was giving him yogurt with his cereal for breakfast and also making smoothies (yogurt, milk and banana) to try and get him to have his milk. I was still trying him with plain cow’s milk but he wasn’t that fussed.

I was also making sure he had plenty of water as this was in the middle of summer. One day hubby brought home the Anchor Mega milk, which is skim milk mixed with cream and added vitamin D and calcium. He figured if he drunk any of this then it was especially good for him. My son loved it and would drink all of it when offered. This was at 13 months old.

I found that Anchor Super Blue Milk is the same as Mega Milk and he liked this too.

Now he will drink any milk (normal blue top, UHT etc) offered. He usually has about 300mL before bed and drinks it out of a bottle with a straw.

He still has yoghurt every morning and will have any milk I give him during the day. He is only having water and milk.

I don’t offer juice or anything sweet  to make sure he keeps wanting the milk.

I was pretty distraught when he wouldn’t initially drink cows milk or formula, but made sure I gave him plenty of other calcium rich foods (cheese, dairy food) to make up for the lack of milk.