Solids Offered before Bottle

We were recently asked this question from a customer, its a question that we get asked commonly.

“Hi I was just wondering if I could ask you for a bit of advice on my 8 month old son. I have tried a few times but there is no way he will take his bottle after solids. Its like he has enough just to make him feel good then he won’t take anymore. I have been told he needs 700-600mls of fluids a day, but if I give him solids first there is no way I could do this. He is eating good but only really mushy foods. He will have firmer things to eat like breaking off bits of toast, or very small pieces of different things. Not really sure what I should be doing with him at this stage with his bottle and solids. He will take very small amounts of water after his food. I hope you can help me out.”

We’re happy to offer our opinions as mothers, and sorry sorry to read about the stress that you have been under about this.

From about 6 months on it is suggested that babies are offered solids, and your baby is at the right age now for solids to be offered before milk.

We can quite understand that he won’t take his bottle after solids, he’s probably got quite a full tummy. Babies have a natural way of knowing when they have had enough, so don’t think you should be forcing the bottle on him.

Is he sleeping well at night?

What we did with our children, was to feed them their solids at meal times, and then offer a bottle in between, like morning tea and afternoon tea, and supper time. More bottles in the evening. Just offer him small amounts, about 150 to 200mLs at a time. (but he might not drink that much).

We totally understand what you mean about lumpy food, our son is 18months now and still doesn’t really eat the food for his age group, he prefers the mushier things.

You are doing the right thing, just give your son what he needs and watch him. He won’t take it if he’s full.