Baby Gear for Bedtime

Setting a routine for baby’s bedtime is a great way to establish good sleep habits.

Setting a routine for baby’s bedtime is a great way to establish good sleep habits.

The following technique (and baby gear) seems to work well for us, and the babies we have tested it on.

Have dinner, (if your child has started solids).  Then have a relaxing bath.  Run the bath so that it is deep and warm, we have some awesome floating bath thermometers so you can always check the temperature of the water.    When your baby is little you can use a Baby Bath so that you don’t have to fill your whole tub.  Always make sure that the water is well mixed.  It’s also recommended for safety that when running the bath – you fill it first with cold water and then add hot water to warm it up.  This is safer than having a bath filled with hot water, particularly if you have a toddler running around.

You can get special bath toys that help make bath time fun, but even just cups and plastic lids that float will amuse your baby.   Some gentle baby shampoo and/or bath wash.

When you have finished bath time, take baby out and wrap them up in a big snugly towel, or a baby hooded towel.  This is your time to enjoy their deliciousness!

Dry baby thoroughly with the towel, making sure that you do all their creases and rolls.  Apply any creams, and nappy cream.  Also check their fingernails and toenails and use a baby nail clipper if necessary – it’s easier to do this after a bath time when their nails are soft.  Keeping their nails trimmed will stop them from scratching.  Put on nappy and pyjamas. Then wrap them up in a swaddling wrap.

Give baby their last breastfeed (or bottle).  Wind and burb them over your shoulder.    And then gentle place them into bed.  You may need to pat them to help them settle for a few minutes, but try to reduce this each day so that they are put to bed awake and learn to settle themselves.  Try not to fuss with them in bed.

If your baby seems unsettled or windy after you put them in bed, try burping them again over your shoulder and patting them on the back.  If that doesn’t work, you could try the Weleda Colic Powder or gripe water as a last resort.

A baby room monitor can be handy so that you can leave the room, but still listen to baby sounds.

Newborn Logbook is also handy to use, so that you can jot down the time that you put baby to bed and when they wake, and feed etc, as this helps you to see their routine.

We also recommend a little night light or lamp in the bedroom, so that it’s easy for you when you go in to do night feeds and nappy changes.